How women Entrepreneurs can use social media to leverage their Business?


How Women can be successful in using Social Media?

Use of social media to leverage businesses has become a new trend among women Entrepreneurs these days. In 2007 less than 4% of women owned businesses used social media for business purposes. Fast forward the picture has dramatically changed. Half of the women owned businesses were using a range of social platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. to market and grow their businesses in 2012.What could be the reasons for this growing interest in social media by our female entrepreneurs? Let’s find some of those reasons.

1. Women appreciate relationships: Culturally, in most of the countries around the world women are more prone to consider relations as a factor for business and personal decisions. Social media emphasizes the relationship building which can be used for brand building and reputation management.

2. Social media involves in Low cost marketing: Women not only can manage the finances of the household but as well as the finances of a business. Cost of marketing product or brand is always high if focus is on traditional ways of marketing .So, because of money constraint women always search for a low cost option to market their businesses. Social media just fits into this requirement.

Lansons how people use social media by gender female

How Women Use Social Media?

3. Social media is all about sharing thoughts and women are always excited about it: Women are world known for their chatting habits. They just can’t live without sharing their thoughts. They love to share what they know. Social media provides them a perfect platform where many like-minded individuals share their thoughts and help each other.

4. Women don’t appreciate competition much: By nature, women are kind and soft. They work silently without creating much hype about their work. Social networking sites are the perfect platform for such individuals. Here, a business woman develops her online personality by her regular activities on social networking sites without creating much buzz among her competitors.

5. Inbuilt networking capability among women: It is easier for women to join a conversation and adding new members into their network. Social media just does the same. This is the reason why Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are so famous among women.


Top 5 Social Media Used by Women-Owned Business

There must be many other reasons why women entrepreneurs are so drawn to the social networking sites.

There may be many suggestions how to develop an online presence by Business Women, some of them are stated below:

  • Create website: It is the most important step towards the online marketing of any business. First of all, people want to know you. A website introduces you to your customers. Once the customer knows you and likes you he will trust you and buy from you. So, creating a website is the most basic step.


    Women And Social Media

  • Constant activities on blogs, twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, open groups, chat boxes etc. Women entrepreneurs are mainly drawn towards the businesses such as restaurants, beauty salons, spa, clothing, shoes, jewellery stores etc. These types of local businesses get a great visibility if their business page is constantly involved in online activities. Owners of the businesses can invite group discussions in open groups on social media.They can write blogs about their business and stuff related to that.
  • Plans to increase online followers: Women entrepreneurs easily get their followers because they set an example for other women as well. So if planned properly the women entrepreneurs can easily increase their online fan followings. As she gains more followers and a larger online presence her business, will show up in more searches and continue to build customer base.

6 comments on “How women Entrepreneurs can use social media to leverage their Business?

  1. This was a very sexist post on women managing their social media accounts and you use stereotypes to highlight how they could be more powerful via social media. Men have the same opportunities as women, and how you manage your social media accounts as a business manager or as a online media professional. Just because “Women are more chatty” doesn’t mean they will be more successful on social media. The important thing to note here is that you should be taking advantage of social media because of his multi-fuuctional marketing and customer service possibilities. Also, that all business large and small should be on it and should have a direction or strategy. This borders on being an offensive post because you use stereotypes that really no longer really hold any weight and tell women that they could use their “need to be chatty or social” to their advantage.” As a woman myself, I think it’s awesome you are advising and promoting women business owners, but I think you should have left out those ridiculous stereotypes.

  2. This blog is written keeping in mind the female characteristics. There is a lot of difference in how male and female approach and see businesses. So its from the Female POV. there is nothing stereotypical in it.Yes!entrepreneur is an entrepreneur but both the genders use social media differently to promote their businesses.

    Would love to hear more from you.

  3. This is ridiculous. The reason only 4% of female owned businesses used social media in 2007 is because there wasn’t social media marketing then! Facebook was barely understood by anyone over the age of 25 and the only other common social media site was MySpace. People didn’t buy ads or market on these sites in any way like they do now. What are your stats for how many MALE owned businesses used social media in 2007?
    Low cost marketing – are women cheap? Only women are looking for cost-cutting measures? Men aren’t worried about their budgets? And let’s be real, social media may be “Free” but the time and effort required to manage it properly is NOT free.
    Women are known for chatty habits? Really, so that’s why we should use social media? To be chatty? Is that so that we won’t come home and bother you with our “chattiness”? Be real! Men have just as many valuable conversations on social media as any female.
    Women aren’t competitive? Have you ever met a woman? A professional business woman? We don’t get where we are by sharing our lunch with everyone! We are competitive, driven, determined, and hard-working individuals who will do it all, plus raise a family and run a household.
    Female entrepreneurs are drawn towards beauty products, clothing, and restaurants. Really? You really think we’re that superficial and that’s all we care about?
    Here are some real stats about female entrepreneurs for you:
    The number of women-owned firms pulling in $10 million or more in annual sales has jumped by 57% over the last decade.
    The top four issues on the minds of WBOs are: the state of the economy (57 percent), health insurance cost and affordability (40 percent), business tax issues (36 percent), and access to a quality workforce (36 percent).
    Women-owned businesses make up more than half (52.0%) of all businesses in health care and social assistance.
    The other top industries for women include: educational services (45.9% of all businesses are women-owned), administration and support and waste management and remediation services (37.0%), retail trade (34.4%), and arts, entertainment, and recreation (30.4%).

  4. Firstly, we apologize but this blog was not at all meant to hurt anyone’s sentiment.
    We think if you think in a broader sense you will agree that there’s a difference between how women handle businesses and this blog have tried to highlights that only. We have tried to use less numbers and show more emotions as numbers are often deceiving.
    By the Term “Low cost marketing” we meant that women are better in budget. And whats the harm in it, everyone try to use the value for money advertising channel.

    Its an universal truth that women speak more than men do, we are not here to criticize but to collaborate that’s why we have tried to show the brighter side of everything.

    We really appreciate you effort in putting all the data that would make the blog an enriching reaching experience.

    If you try and just find faults you’ll get many but if we collaborate in making things better, we can make the world a better place.
    Happy Reading!!! 🙂

    P.S.: In case you want to edit this blog and write it yourselves we’ll be very happy to publish it.

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