Social Media: The Golden Ticket for a Rising DJ

Knowledge is power, and the more you know, the farther you’ll go. Over the time and with the evolution of human race, we have witnessed some ground-shaking growth in the field of technology. The music played in the era of Retro and Disco as we know of it, is no more what people feel like moving their feet to. The time has moved on and so has the human expectations from music.

How can DJs use Social Media?

How can DJs use Social Media?

But is that all…???

No, there is one thing that has never changed. One thing that has always remained constant. It is the need of a DJ to be known for his talent. A DJ lives a life of music, which he loves and its the DJ who has the talent of bringing the joy of this love and music to a lot of people. A DJ is blessed with the talent of giving memories to people while doing what he loves. And apart from playing live at venues or events, or loungers or night clubs, the best way for a DJ to rise high is through Social Media. This is the place where maximum talent is discovered.

Are you looking for your Big Break? Do you think you’ve got what it needs to be the Superstar DJ? Well, the best chance you have is to make the most of what social media has to offer. I am gonna share with you some really interesting facts about how DJ-ING could be combined with social media.

Lets start with the basics. What are the different roles of a DJ? Firstly, a DJ plays live music for a large crowd with complete sense of the expectations of the crowd and with mixing some great songs LIVE!. Secondly, a DJ is the one who creates a newer and better version of any song and it is therefore a solo remix. Both of them are equally challenging in their own ways. While playing LIVE! involves great presence of mind the power to understand the audience, the solo remix demands for a very high knowledge of synchronization of music, songs and effects. A perfect DJ always knows his audience. But he also knows how to grow the audience. Social Media Avenues today provide the exact platform needed for a rising DJ. While playing LIVE! introduces you to a lot of people, Social Media can help you reach to the extremes of the world by showing them your talent of producing solo remixes, or sometimes even a Non-Stop Mix. For e.g: Post a song produced by you on YouTube by creating your own channel. Share your channel link on Facebook and Tweet it. In no time and with regular uploads of new music, the world will have started to know who you are. That is the right break one Rising DJ is looking for.

DJ Puns, our Guest Blogger

DJ Puns, our Guest Blogger

A rising DJ often has a misconception that DJing and producing music is very expensive.

NO!!!! It is not a mandate to own super fancy DJ Consoles. Apparently you don’t even need speakers to be the best DJ.

Haha..!! There is a variety of Music Mixing and Dj Software that are available for one’s laptop. Just install them, and start tweaking some sound…!!

As a Rising DJ you will face a lot of criticism. But always stay nice and be open to criticism. Stay eager to learn. Focus on your dream! Share your talent with the world. Post it and upload it, and let the people vote.

Remember: A simple Facebook Post + The Power of Music + The Power of Social Media = BOOOOM…!!!

Enjoy Mixing and keep posting…!!

Don’t encourage Music Piracy.


can Listen to the Remixes of DJ Puns in

All the DJs out there...use the Social Media platform to Exhibit your Talent.

All the DJs out there…use the Social Media platform to Exhibit your Talent.


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