Social Media Marketing: Outsourcing- The Need

This blog begins with a question (rather two scenarios) to tingle your inquisitive minds. In scenario ONE you have regular cough/cold and in scenario TWO you have a chronic heart problem. In both these scenarios, you have two options:

1. Consult a general physician

2. Consult a cardiologist.

It could be safely assumed that after analyzing the situation and considering the impact, one would opt for a general physician in case of cold and a cardiologist in case of chronic heart problem.

Now you must be thinking that how this analogy is even minutely related to the topic of this article. This analogy however clearly shows that there lies a strong correlation of severity/impact of an activity to the care/importance given to deal with it.

Through the previous articles and by pure awareness of this world (virtual included) it is not beyond ones knowledge that the impact of virtual world in general and social media in particular is gargantuan in today’s world.

We can run from it as much as we like, we can even deny that we haven’t been infested (seemed the most apt word considering its impact) by it but truth be told, we can no longer do that. We have to acknowledge that it’s a part of our life that will impact us whether we want it or not.


Social media presence /online marketing has proven to be the game-changer for many corporate-some have adapted seamlessly like a fish takes to water while some are still struggling to get a foothold.

Companies have adapted to outsourcing to gain competitive advantage and also for pure survival. Spending any time to explain the need/advantages of outsourcing would be exercise in futility as we all know about it.

Production- outsourced, advertisement-outsourced, house-keeping- outsourced, customer service- outsourced and the list is endless but when it comes to social media and virtual world still many companies(yes shockingly many) still would either avoid this medium else have started themselves and are continuing on a  trial and error based method rather than relying on the experts.

The general argument to counter the above is that we are aware of what we are doing and want a phased approach towards this new medium but it must be clearly understood that there is a difference between knowledge and wisdom. How long can a company afford to do something which is not its forte?

It’s not just about presence in the virtual world, it’s about constructive presence with the right follow up that would lead to fruitful results otherwise a company can very well fool itself with the fact that yes are there in this new medium just like everyone else.

Making a Facebook page, setting up a twitter handle with company name and not doing much about it won’t help.

Winners don’t do different things, they just do things differently”.

The virtual world presents limitless opportunities and now it’s up to you how much advantage can you take.

There are several doors with one key (virtual presence), a social media marketing firm can help you not only choose the right door but could also walk with you all the way through.

Think you got some more cool ideas?

Got any questions?

Do share your views/reviews/comments and ideas below. We’ll be happy to respond.


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